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Mexican Bubble Glass

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Hand Blown Glassware Martini, Margarita, Brandy, Water Glass Art Glass Hand Blown Deorative Lamps Hand Blown Glassware Martini, Margarita, Brandy, Water Glass

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Bubble glass Mexican Bubble Glass hand made blown glassware. Cobalt Rimmed and Trimmed Hand made and crafted by Master craftsman from Mexico these beautiful mouth blown bubble glasses are a must for lovers of glassware. We have Mexican blown glass Margarita, Martini, and Cognac glasses all with a cobalt rim. Also a line of colorful hand blown sets of drinking glasses with a pitcher. We also have beautiful Flower Vases. You'll love the hand blown Chile Jar sets. Our glassware will add a nice colorful glow to any room or patio setting. Our flower vase centerpieces with hand-blown glass will be perfect for your dining table or for that niche you've been trying to fill. Mexican glass is Art. There's nothing like drinking from Margarita glasses. Please enjoy your viewing.

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Mexican blown glass was called Mexican bubble glass because of all the bubbles produced when blowing the molten glass. The blown glass technique consists of blowing through a pipe onto a red-hot glass mass, heated in a special oven. Pitchers and glasses can be clear or with rims and bases in cobalt, turquoise, and amber. Mexican bubble glass will add a bit of the Mexican culture to your home.