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Talavera Pottery Tibors and Vases Mexican Art Talavera Southwest Ceramic Talavera Pottery Home Decor and Wall Decor from our Pottery Barn Talavera Pottery a Mexican Art Beautiful Mexican Talavera pottery for home and garden. Talavera was first introduced in Mexico at the end of the 16th century, the fine Spanish art of glazing firebaked clay came to Mexico, which already had a long history of pottery making by its natives. Nowadays, Talavera pottery recreates the styles and designs of its Pueblan and Spanish predecessors. These pieces are also decorated with indigenous and art nouveau symbols, and painted with extraordinary colors, the product of the fertile imaginations of Mexican potters. The foreign influence on local artisans resulted in exquisite new styles, including Talavera pottery. Mexican art at its best we have a beautiful collection of vibrant Talavera pottery. We have Mexican Talavera candle holders, aquamanis, tibors pots, vases. We have a hugh selection in our pottery barn to choose from. You will need to visit and view all of our Talavera sub pages. We know you will be pleased with this Mexican Art.